Yamaha SWR2311P-10G 10 port PoE Ethernet switch, Dante® optimised. Layer 2 with 2 x SFP ports

Intelligent L2 Network switch with PoE

Yamaha's SWR2311P-10G is an intelligent L2 switch that supplies power to PoE powered devices on a network. Yamaha has integrated its extensive expertise in networking and professional audio fields to develop it as an L2 switch optimized for Dante® audio networks.

Recommended settings for stable operation of a Dante network, such as QoS, EEE, and IGMP Snooping can be made easily

Complete Network Overview

Using the dedicated Yamaha LAN Monitor software allows quick troubleshooting. The PoE power supply status can be checked quickly and the snapshot function can be used to inform whether a fault has occurred by detecting any difference in the state of the network since it was set up. The web GUI provides a full range of monitoring functionality, including dead/alive monitoring settings for PoE devices, allowing the PoE device to restart if a fault occurs.

Enhanced Device ID with Icons, Labels and Comments

Identifying devices connected to a switch by only their IP or MAC address is a truly difficult and error prone approach. Connected Dante® devices are identified by a Dante icon as well as a device ID previously set up via the Dante® Controller software. Additional information can also be entered in the label and comment fields, such as the location of the device.

Visualisation of Network by LAN Map Light

This SWR2311P-10G supports the LAN Map Light visualisation function by WebGUI.* Switch settings can be made on graphical screens, not by command entry. WebGUI provides an extensive monitoring functions such as POE device monitoring setting, restart of PoE device in case of device trouble and setting of mail to notify errors. With Yamaha's proprietary communication protocol L2MS, the IP addresses can be checked of the Yamaha network devices and the network devices connected to them. It can be used widely from system design to maintenance.

* Log in to the web GUI from Yamaha LAN Monitor. Please install Yamaha LAN Monitor in advance.

Micro SD Card Slot

A microSD card can be used as a means of backing up the data accumulated inside, activating and updating the firmware.

Connectivity with Optical Cable

For applications that require Dante devices to be connected across distances greater than 100 meters, Yamaha’s SFP-SWRG-SX or SFP-SWRG-LX long distance communication SFP modules can be used to ensure reliable communication with minimal transmission loss and strong resistance to electromagnetic noise.

Optional Accessories Increase Installation Flexibility

The separately sold RK-SWR rack mount can be used to install the unit in a 19 inch rack, and the  WK-SWR  wall mount can be used to mount the unit on the wall.

Please Note: Do not install with the LAN ports facing upward or downward, or on ceiling with a height of 2m or less.

  • LAN ports equipped with PoE supply: 8 (1 - 8)
  • LAN/SFP combo ports: 2(9, 10). The LAN port and SFP slot are exclusively used
  • PoE supply is compliant with IEEE 802.3at  and can supply up to 30W to all PoE ports
  • In built RADIUS server for advanced security management

LAN PortStandardIEEE 802.3 (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T)
Number of Ports10
Communication ModeAuto negotiation
Connector TypeRJ-45
Mac AddressPrinted on top surface label
PolarityStraight/cross automatic detection
Combo PortsLan Ports IEEE 802.3 (1000BASE-T) 2 ports (use is mutually exclusive with SPF ports)
SFP Ports SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) 2 ports (use is mutually exclusive with LAN ports)
Console PortsRJ-45 (RS-232C), USB mini-B (5pin) (USB2.0): 9600 bit/s
Ports Available For PoE Power Supply8
PoE StandardsIEEE 802.3at
Power Supply SystemAlternative A
Maximum Power SupplyPer Port30W
All Ports240W
Micro SD SlotStandardSD/SDHC
Number of Slots1
Indicators POWER, microSD, LED MODE, LAN port, SFP port
Depth 42.4mm