Sonance Reference Series R12 Sub Bundle with 2 x R12SUB, 2 x R12SUB Enclosures and 1 x DSP 2-750

SKU: SON-93377
Created for AV specialists designing systems projects, which require the best in surround sound performance with a look that blends into any space, Sonance Reference series provide a truly incredible solution.

Engineered to give you an amazing cinema experience in any room, Sonance designed the new Reference Series using Klippel II technology to ensure that every movement was carefully measured and accurately tuned. The high excursion woofers, 4th generation coaxial driver, individual crossover networks, optimised diffraction baffle and new matte finish combine to create the standard in fidelity.

Sonance Reference Series in wall subs share the same award winning low profile grille design as the rest of the Visual Performance family, creating a consistent aesthetic throughout the home. Designed specifically for installation during the construction or renovation process, this sub's enclosure is positioned behind the wall to deliver unprecedented performance with minimal visual intrusion.

At the core of every DSP amplifier is a powerful 24 bit / 96K DAC capable of handling a full 4608 Kbps of audio data. Sonance DSP amplifiers enable listeners to enjoy the full clarity and output of whatever audio passes through from MP3 to full High Resolution Audio.

  • Features SonARC (Sonance Advanced Room Correction)
  • Hundreds of EQ presets available through simple pull down menus
  • SonARC provides 10 band parametric EQ
  • Small and compact with 93% energy efficiency
  • Powerful 24 bit 96K DAC capable of handling 4608 Kbps of audio data 

  • Designed for installation during the construction or renovation process
  • Enclosure is positioned behind the wall to deliver unprecedented performance with minimal visual intrusion
  • State of the art design and cutting edge materials deliver the bass of a large cabinet subwoofer without sacrificing floor space
  • Provides an aesthetic consistent with Sonance Visual Performance Series
  • Pair with Sonance DSP Amplifiers for custom tuned performance

R12 SUB Enclosure
  • Feature a combination of 1/2" and 1" MDF materials for superior isolation of bass
  • Extruded aluminium bracing for minimal obstruction of airflow inside the enclosure
  • Mass damping of front and back walls of enclosure
  • Long strand fiberglass internal damping for standing wave dissipation
  • Dual positive and negative terminals for maximum wire connectivity
  • Floating enclosure design minimizes vibration transfer to adjoining rooms
  • Blank pre construction plate for easy installation
R12 SUB  (Each.  Set contains 2)
Woofer305mm / 12” laminated carbon fibre cone with a rubber surround 
Frequency response 25Hz to 250Hz ±3dB
Impedance 8Ω nominal
Sensitivity90dB (2.83V/1 metre)
Dimensions: Woofer Height: 314mm / 12 3/8"; Width: 314mm / 12 3/8"; Depth: 80.2mm / 3 5/32"
Dimensions Grille Height: 381mm / 15"; Width: 381mm / 15"; Depth: 4mm / 5/32"
R12SUB Enclosure (Each.  Set contains 2)
Internal Volume 34.3litres / 1.20 cubic feet
MaterialMDF wood box with long strand fibre glass acoustic dampening material
Enclosure Dimensions Height: 1800mm / 70 7/8"; 362mm / 14 1/4"; Depth: 87mm / 3 7/16"
Mounting Depth 85.7mm / 3 3/8"
Mounting Bracket Width 409.5mm / 16 1/4"
HardwareIntegrated L shaped bracket mounting system included
Shipping Weight 35.83kg / 79lb
DSP 2-750 MKII (One in Set)
Channels2 (1 Stereo Pair)
Output Power 8Ω - 500W RMS per Channel (Both Channels Driven)
4Ω - 750W RMS per Channel (Both Channels Driven)
8Ω (Bridged) - 2000W
70V - 750W RMS per Channel (Both Channels Driven)
Frequency Response5Hz to 50kHz
Operating Voltage 100 - 120V@60Hz, 220 - 240V@50Hz
Rack Space 2U
Dimensions with Feet Height: 98mm / 3 7/8"; Width: 438mm / 17 1/4"; Depth: 437mm / 17 7/32"
Rack Mounted Dimensions Height: 88mm / 3.5"; Width: 482mm / 19"; Depth: 437mm / 17 7/32"
Shipping Weight 10.6kg / 23.3lb