James 10" PowerPipe Passive BandPass Subwoofer, MDF Cabinet With TK4-3X14-2 Architectural Toe Kick

Inconspicuous by design, James’ PowerPipe Subwoofer offers a seamless fusion of discrete installation, visionary technology and revolutionary performance. 

The PP-10 10" PowerPipe Subwoofer moves large amounts of air through a relatively small hose, which resonates at a tuned frequency of about 35Hz. James’ bandpass design produces a thunderous performance while delivering smooth frequency response and tight transitions, through the design of the driver and surrounding sealed cabinet composition, constructed of MDF.

Because the woofer has been tuned with its acoustical peak in the region of frequencies where bass energy in music and film soundtracks tend to be greatest, the driver can operate at the frequencies within its linear cone excursion range and rely on the band pass flextube to simply amplify its output.

Featuring all aluminium drivers mounted inside a sealed enclosure, the front of each unit features a sealed band pass port, where the flextube attaches and connects to the port.

In addition, James’ 10” PowerPipe Subwoofer includes the standard toekick port option TK4-3X14-2 for all PowerPipe subwoofers (except PP15-M). The tube size is 101.6mm / 4” and has a 90 degree entry. The unit features a 76.2mm / 3” x 355.6mm / 14” in room opening and a 50.8mm / 2" clearance from flange edge to tube. This toekick port is ideal for behind wall mounting. The flexible tube allows for multiple port placement options. Rubber support straps suspend the PowerPipe between rafters, thus eliminating vibrations.

The optional and recommended James M1000 DSP amplifier can power the PP10 subwoofers, providing up to 1000W of power and full DSP control.
  • Fills a space with rich, detailed bass frequencies without interfering with décor
  • Ideal for attics, cellars, wardrobes, entertainment centres or other available unused spaces
  • Comes with 4” standard toekick port
  • Utilising a flexible tube to move bass energy from a hidden location into the listening space through discrete grilles
  • The subwoofers use a durable, sealed enclosure that can be concealed
  • Provides long life, outstanding performance and visual acceptance
JAM-PP10 10” PowerPipe Subwoofer
Woofer1 x 254mm / 10" aluminium
EnclosureMDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)
Recommended AmplifierJAM-M1000
Frequency Response25Hz to 120Hz +/-3dB
Nominal Impedance4Ω 
Sensitivity90dB 2.83V/1m
Recommended Power Range250W to 1000W
Supplied With4” standard architectural toekick port (TK4-3X14-2)
DimensionsHeight: 320.55mm / 12.62”
Width: 304.80mm / 12”
Depth: 292.10mm / 11.5”

4” Standard Supplied Toekick Port
Cut OutHeight: 52.33mm / 2.06”;  Width:  322.33mm / 12.69”   
DimensionsHeight: 69.85mm / 2.75”
Width: 358.77mm / 14.13”
Depth: 225.43mm / 8.88”
Grille DimensionsHeight: 69.85mm / 2.75”;  Width: 358.77mm / 14.13”