Inneos Real4K™ Bi Directional IR plus USB Power Set (2)

Inneo's Real4K™ Bi Directional IR plus USB Power Set offers support for bi directional IR through the use of the IR USB power breakout cable, providing a single fibre link, which handles the uncompressed 4K 18 Gbps HDMI video and IR control.

The R4K-IRB extension cables have been designed to extend an IR extension system signal as well as supply 5V USB power to the Real4K extenders. The IR communication through the Real4K Optical Extenders can be configured as either one way or bi directional.
  • Provides access to bi-directional IR control channelin Real4K Optical Extendersfor 5V IR Control Systems
  • Uses standard 5V USB input power to provide power to Real4K Optical Extenders
Part NumberR4K-IRB
DescriptionIR-USB Power Breakout Cable