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Habitech has signed an exclusive UK distribution agreement with Wisdom Audio

Wisdom Audio manufactures the world's finest architecturally-friendly high-end loudspeakers, using large scale thin film planar-magnetic transducers, electronic crossovers and innovative woofer designs for two channel music reproduction or multichannel music and film playback.

There are 2 categories of Wisdom Integrator:

Wisdom Approved
Authorised to use the Wisdom logo for sales and marketing purposes but with access to the Insight Series only. To qualify you must complete our one day Wisdom Training Course and commit to maintaining minimum annual purchases of Insight products to retain approved status.

Wisdom Partners
Access to the full range: Insight, Sage & Wisdom Series. Authorised to use Wisdom’s partner logo, all Wisdom’s marketing materials and its comprehensive cinema design service. Partners must complete our Wisdom one day training course and maintain minimum annual purchases of Wisdom products to retain Partner status. Partners are primarily selected by invitation but you’re welcome apply for partnership if you feel you meet the criteria.

Please note:
Habitech’s cinema demo facilities will be upgraded during August, and our partners will have full access from September 2017.
Wisdom products cannot be sold online. For further product details please click here or visit http://wisdomaudio.com