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Leader in AV distribution and control including powerful HDBaseT/UTP/fibre solutions and the intuitive and accessible Enado control interface…

WyreStorm was one of the originators of HDMI distribution systems. Founded in 2008, and having tracked the development of HDMI from HDMI 1.1 to HDMI 1.4 and HDBaseT technology, the company is now firmly positioned as one of the key suppliers of HDMI distribution products. WyreStorm’s range includes HDBaseT and Professional matrix switchers, UTP and standard splitters (capable of driving hundreds of screens), point to point UTP extenders, switchers and scalers, format converters and test equipment.

The range utilises UTP cable predominantly as it ideally suited to large bandwidth data delivery. However there are coax and fibre options when longer distances are required. The fibre solutions will deliver HD 1080p images up to 5km. WyreStorm also offers a range of control solutions, including simple IR pass-through, RS232 and IP control from the advanced brower-based Enado interface.