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In 1997 Aquavision® pioneered in-wall & waterproof televisions

Since creating the world’s first waterproof television in 1997, Aquavision's innovation team have remained market leaders in the sector of in-wall televisions and developed a network of professional partners worldwide.

Often copied but never equalled, purchasing an Aquavision means acquiring the core values at the heart of this very British success story: Ingenuity, Quality and Reliability.

Once only associated with water-contact zones such as the bathroom and kitchen, Aquavision’s streamlined styling and invisible technologies are now increasingly prevalent throughout the home.

Aquavision offers customers an unrivalled choice of sizes, styles and finishes coupled with an emphasis on innovative, future-proof technologies.

With screen sizes from 16" to 42" and a choice of glass colours, there is an Aquavision to blend into every room setting. No cables, no visible connections, just a television to enhance your room design.

Specialist advice, installation expertise and on going support are merely a telephone call away thanks to an in-house technical team based at Aquavision's company HQ.

With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that Aquavision have unwittingly gained the reputation of being “the preferred choice of the professional”.

A balance of elegance and substance make up part of our recipe for producing world class, hand built, high performance televisions for all applications.

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