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(Morning Webinar) NEW!!

This new Watchguard Cybersecurity course is aimed at any level of networking engineer, including beginners. It is designed to help integrators understand the risks and counter the threats posed by cyber criminals to your business and customers.

Course topics include: Identifying the daily real-world Cybersecurity threats to your business and customers; Understanding the techniques used by hackers to gain control over devices and networks and the changes and policies you need to action in order to block attacks; Understanding the various protection layers deployed by the WatchGuard product line; Learning how to specify and "size" an appliance according to your customers' needs; Receive hands-on training on how to deploy a WatchGuard product in any consumer or business network, regardless of ISP provision.

This course provides THREE CEDIA training points.


Course Dates & Registration:

7th April @ 10am


5th May @ 10am


PLEASE NOTE: If we have less than 10 delegates registered, we withhold the right to cancel the webinar.