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Pronet Cybersecurity powered by WatchGuard

The Watchguard Cybersecurity course is aimed at any level of networking engineer, including beginners.

In this one day course:

  1. You will see the real-world daily Cybersecurity threats to your business and customers
  2. Learn the techniques used by hackers and gain an understanding of the changes and policies you need to make.
  3. See and understand the various protection layers within the Watchguard product line
  4. Learn how to specify and "size" an appliance according to your customers needs
  5. Get hands-on training on implementing a Watchguard product in any consumer or business network, regardless of ISP provision

The course runs for 4-6 hours and includes breaks and lunch.

2020 Course Dates:

Tuesday 28th, January
Wednesday 26th, February
Tuesday 7th, April
Tuesday 5th, May
Tuesday 16th, June
Thursday 9th, July
Thursday 17th, September
Wednesday 28th, October
Tuesday 10th, November

Course Fee: FREE

This training course is free of charge to first time attendees. If you've previously attended the course and wish to do so again you may do so however a fee of £99.00 will then apply. For more information, please call our office on 01256 638500 or email tanya.sworn@habitech.co.uk