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Introduction to Commercial AV

(Morning Webinar)

Commercial AV, increasingly, is seeking the distinctive, high quality customer experiences that CI delivers every day. In response to a growing number of requests from CI integrators we’ve created two complementary Commercial AV training courses dedicated to the installation of discreet high performance AV in shops, clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels. This introductory course offers Custom Installation Engineers a better understanding and experience of planning and deploying systems.

Course topics include: Understanding the difference between residential AV systems and those used in commercial applications; Size of application; Volume requirements; Monaural and stereo options; Power and impedance requirements; Defining the right configuration; Low impedance serial / parallel applications; High impedance ("constant voltage" systems); Understanding signal loss over distance; Audio transports, Speaker levels; Signal Levels; Digital interfaces; Large-scale signal distribution; Audio sources; Auto-mixers; Integrating video and audio; AVoIP; Hands-on - designing a system


Course Dates & Registration:

31st March @ 10am


20th April @ 10am


21st May @ 10am


PLEASE NOTE: If we have less than 10 delegates registered, we withhold the right to cancel the webinar.