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DIRAC LIVE - Product Training (1 Day Course)

PLEASE NOTE: Successful completion of our ARCAM - Product Training (1 Day) course is required before you will be able to attend this DIRAC training course.

Our Dirac Live training course will dedicate a whole day to advanced hands on calibrating with DIRAC

Course includes:
  • Level Alignment
  • Time Alignment
  • Mixed-Phase Room Correction technology
  • Impulse Response Correction
  • Target Response Curves
  • Crossover of Sub and Main Speakers
  • Verifying the results with REW
  • Room calibration 

This course will give you every tool you need to get the best performance possible from your audio installation.

2020 Course Dates:

To Be Confirmed

Course Fee: FREE
This training course is free of charge to first time attendees. If you've previously attended the course and wish to do so again you may do so however a fee of £99.00 will then apply. For more information, please call our office on 01256 638500 or email tanya.sworn@habitech.co.uk